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childbirth hypnoWith a background in Nursing and Midwifery, Sherie Johns is a PhD Scholar specialising in Chronic Urogenital Pain Syndromes. Previously as a registered midwife, Sherie experienced the full spectrum of birthing, from planned caesareans in bustling theatres to secluded home births, with particular interest in advocating for continuity of care and the opportunity for water immersion during labour and birth. With her PhD research focusing on understanding the mechanisms of chronic urogenital pain, she sees a link between increased labour pain and dysfunctional pelvic muscles. Sherie has Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification, and has provided successful physical therapy to hundreds of women with chronic pain problems that previously prevented natural conception. Years later, she still enjoys hearing from women that they have fallen pregnant and gone on to experience a positive birth, using the skills and techniques taught during therapy. Sherie brings with her a wealth of clinical skills and the unique qualification of personally being able to relate to women affected by chronic urogenital pain, and can share her experience of birthing with and without implementing hypnobirthing skills. With her passion and personal warmth, Sherie will provide you with professional birthing education, and will share a depth of knowledge that will leave you feeling more confident and relaxed about your upcoming birth.