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The Hypnobirthing Australia™ course is a unique childbirth education class that teaches you the knowledge, confidence and the tools to have a positive, calm and empowered birth, no matter how you choose to have your baby. The course covers everything from natural birth to feeling calm during a cesarean. We cover a wide variety of tools such as breathing techniques, birthing positions, self-hypnosis and other evidence-based techniques that will help you have an amazing birth experience.

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These are just some of the proven benefits of attending a Hypnobirthing Australia™ Class!

  • Decrease need for pain relief medication and epidural use
  • Feeling calm and in control during labour
  • Reduction in Cesarean sections
  • Shorter first stage of labour
  • Less chance of medical inductions needed
  • Decreased chance of post natal depression


Having a birth partner attend the Hypnobirthing Australia™ classes with you can be very beneficial. Whether its your partner, mother, sister, doula or friend, they can play an integral role in helping you with the Hypnobirthing process by using hypnosis prompts to achieve deep relaxation and guided self hypnosis. While we recommend you bring your birth partner along with you to every class, please know that it’s perfectly fine to attend by yourself.


The best time to attend a Hypnobirthing Australia™ class is between 20-32 weeks pregnant so you and your partner can practice the techniques thoroughly before your birth, but it is never too late to start preparing for a positive birth experience.

If you are coming close to your due date, don’t fear! Just contact me and we can work something out.



We have a variety of options to suit most situations. Group classes start from $495 per couple and are held at our location in Burnside Village Shopping Centre and private classes are $800 per couple and can be held in your home. If there are other circumstances that restrict you from attending one of these options then contact us and we can make it work!

  • 12 hours of face to face training over 4 weeks
  • 2 practice MP3s
  • A comprehensive folio of resources
  • ″Little Book of Hypnobirthing″ eBook
  • Home study videos
  • Ongoing support from us until the birth

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